Well Being

Well Being

Student and staff well being is very important to us here at Midleton CBS Primary. It remains a central focus of all we do especially during the current Covid-19 pandemic. It also forms a large part of our school's SSE (School Self Evaluation). Please click on the links below to see and read more about what we are doing.

Our Nurture Room: Click HERE

Our Nurture Room opened its doors to the boys this week and we think M.Margaret and Úna have done an amazing job at creating a really lovely space. We know the boys will really benefit from having access to this very special room.


Nurture rooms: how schools are boosting pupils’ wellbeing: Irish Times

What is the aim of a nurture group?
The aim of a Nurture Group is to provide a carefully routines session, where there is a balance of learning and teaching, affection and structure within a home-like atmosphere.
The Six Principles Of Nurture
  • Children's learning is understood developmentally.
  • The classroom offers a safe base.
  • The importance of nurture for the development of wellbeing.
  • Language is a vital means of communication.
  • All behaviour is communication.
  • The importance of transition in children's lives.

Teachers are trained to focus on emotional needs and development as well as the academic learning of all pupils, and to embed the six principles of nurture throughout the policies and practices of a school. This enhances teaching and learning and promotes healthy outcomes for children, young people and the staff in the school.

Through the Boxall Profile, the NSP supports schools in identifying children and young people who need additional, more focused support or interventions, such as to be part of a nurture group. Through whole-class assessments using the Boxall Profile, overviews of nurture needs and challenges for class groups can be used for planning interventions and strategies across the school.

Through regular monitoring of the social, emotional and behavioural needs of all pupils (through the Boxall Profile), a whole-school nurturing approach to support the wellbeing of all pupils and staff (the Nurturing Schools Programme), and targeted support interventions for those pupils who need it (Nurture Groups) can be developed.




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