Principal's Message

Principal's Message

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Welcome to Midleton CBS Primary School’s website. We are delighted that you took the time to explore our website and we hope that when you are finished that you will have really come to know what we, as a school community, are all about.

We are an all boys primary school in East Cork. Our boys start their journey with us here in our mainstream classes at 1st Class straight through to 6th Class. We are also privileged to have five classes for autistic children, starting at the Early Intervention Class and progressing straight through from Junior Infants to 6th Class. We are very proud of all the children who attend our school and delight in celebrating all their unique talents, skills and achievements. The pupils here are energetic, motivated and full of fun, they are the driving force behind all it is that we do.

I am very proud to be able to lead a staff who are enthusiastic and passionate about the holistic development of the pupils in our care. The teaching staff, SNAs and ancillary staff are dedicated to creating and supporting an active learning environment that facilitates each child’s learning across all areas of school life and are always willing to go the extra mile. They are committed to providing an education that ensures each child is given the best possible chance to reach their own individual potential. This is achieved by engaging children in activities both inside and outside of the classroom. Here at Midleton CBS Primary we are committed to providing and achieving high standards across the academic curriculum. We are also committed to taking full advantage of the extracurricular activities we provide as a means of providing real life applications of the skills learned inside the classroom. Providing concrete and tangible experiences for children helps solidify the knowledge and skills being learned and ensures greater possibilities and outcomes for children.

Huge emphasis is placed on the fact that our school must be a happy place for our students. Children who are happy coming to school are more receptive to learning, they engage more, are self motivated and become greater active participants in their own educational journey. We continually endeavour to create a school that builds high levels of self confidence and self-esteem in each individual child. We aspire to provide an environment that is supportive and nurturing and that also places importance on having gratitude and appreciation for those we share our lives with.

The creation of a spirit of openness and dialogue in the school between all partners in education is of the utmost importance to us also, working together for the greater good of the children is essential. We are blessed to have a very hard working and dedicated parent body and we greatly encourage and welcome their support in all aspects of school life.

If at any stage you have any worries or concerns regarding any school issues please do not hesitate to contact us. Early intervention is key to solving issue that may arise from time to time. As partners in our children’s education it is essential that we work together, build strong relationships and good communication links for the benefit of all who attend our school.

“when parents or guardians and teachers work together well, everybody wins”

-Julia Thompson

Kindest regards,

Niamh O’Leary

03 2024
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